Tuesday, August 07, 2007

O.K. Here we go!

So the school year starts week after next. Did we really have two extra weeks this summer??? It seems not. It has been "ONE CRAZY SUMMER." Very eventful to say the least. I could use some relaxed days. Talking walks, talking to friends, everyday kinda things. Today was another doozy. I guess we CAN handle more than we think. Hopefully tomorrow will be full of grace and blessings.
O.K. so I took time out to play with Alice on the bed for a few minutes. Well worth the time.
I hope that when it comes to problems in our life we reach for support. Family and friends mean everything. But, God is the ultimate comfort. I sat here yesterday hopeless and tired and God reminded me that I wasn't alone. Nor am I ever. Thank goodness.....

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