Friend Making Mondays

Welcome back to another week of Friend Makin Monday!

Did you watch the Super bowl?

Yes. It was just us. Most of the peole we knew just stayed home!

If so, who were you rooting for?
This Indiana girl was rooting for the COLTS.

If not, what did you do instead?
Came and went out of the room a lot.

Where did you watch it/not watch it?

Our living room.

What did you eat?
Hot wings, mac and hot dog , beer cheese, and ceasar salad.

Favorite superbowl commercial?
Tim Tebow Pro-life ad. The Doritos man.

Least favorite?
Local ads.

What did you think of the half time show?
Lazers were cool. The rest was O.K.

Who do you wish would have been the halftime show?
Anyone but the WHO.

What about you?


Michell said…
I love your blog..I'm new to the blog world...just stopping by to say HI..
Leanne said…
I was rooting for the Colts too. I'm also from Indiana, living in Utah now. They started off good, but lost it in the end. The Saints definitely played better. Great food though.
Miki said…
I was rooting for the Colts too - one of my closest friends is an Indiana girl. Oh well! Happy FMM! Miki
Emma said…
Yeah, see the Super Bowl was on the beeb here live (BBC doesn't have adverts) and was shown between midnight and I instead chose to catch up with my latest Clive Cussler adventure Strangely lots of people have been talking about the Super Bowl this side of the pond, which I don't really get, I mean it's not like it's the Footie World cup ;-)
Jean Stockdale said…
I did not watch the Super Bowl due to the fact I have pulled my back out and was in bed with muscle relaxers. This go round I did not have dog in the hunt and did not care who won.

Dropping by from the MFM meme. You have a great looking blog.

Stop by sometime!


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