New Phases

I haven't written in  a long time. I just wasn't motivated. Now that there are so many transitions going on I feel I must. Our oldest goes to college, our middle son goes to high school, and our baby girl heads to kindergarten. After nearly 10 years of homeschooling I am lying it all down.
I need to figure out who I am outside of being a wife and mother. I need to go after some of my passions. One of them being blogging. My Etsy Store, and Ebay Stores and more! I want to learn to knit, I want to take a soap making class, I want to rest and just read by the pool. I intend to do them all. In between car pooling, doing home work and running our landscaping business.
I think that after almost 20 years of marriage, 3 kids such different ages and being almost 41, I have FINALLY realized that if no one takes care of Mom then the whole rhythm of life is off balance. So , it's time to take care of Momma.
I've missed being here. So to new phases and new chapters!!!!!

Oh and P.S.: I changed the name of my blog :)
When I was 5 we went to the Grand Canyon. We went to see and Indian Powow. But, when we got there we found out the Indians were on strike. Soooo, I guess even though I was only 5 I drew from my Cherokee heritage and went out and preformed for the entire crowd. I powwowed right on without missing a beat. So thus the nickname powwow princess.


Anonymous said…
You are so inspirational!!! I actually made a new blog, (NO blogs yet) and wanted to start fresh and really stick to it. I haven't been motivated really either, but your words have inspired me. I wish you luck in the path you find, and I have confidence that you will have nothing but happiness come to you from all your choices. Lets start a new leaf together and begin this new chapter taking life day by day!!!
Laura said…
Yeah! Go find yourself! And I'll be jealous of you relaxing by the pool. :)

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