Thursday, April 07, 2016

A Blog for my Thoughts

I was going to let this blog go. However, I have found the need to have a place just to vent, and talk. A place to yell out loud if I need to. Today is one of those day! 

I love my life, my husband and our children. I really do. There are days though that come and I wonder the what ifs? What if I had finished college,(I really don't want o go now), what if I had lived there and not here? What if I chose a career rather than home schooling our children?

Then, as I settle in and realize I am being a little hormonal. I realize how very blessed I am. Blessed to have 3 beautiful children, blessed to live in a nice house, blessed to have great dogs, blessed to be a Christian, blessed to love to cook, and read, and decorate and be organized, blessed to be able to home school,blessed to be married to a good man. 
I am blessed! 

So my word for the day is 


If I focus on that the what ifs fade into the background.

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