Thursday, July 26, 2007

Times that Try the Heart

Our angel baby at month. (2006)

Yesterday I found out that we lost my sister in laws Grandmother. She died very suddenly. It is proof that we have no idea how long we are here. Life is so precious. It is unpredictable and fragile. A new angel got her wings yesterday.

Then, we went to the hospital last night with our oldest. He has compound migrains. It was a bit scarry, but luckily they can be controlled with medication. We have all been under so much stress it's no wonder he reacted.

Life is a challenge. It's not a picnic all the time. (Even though I would love for it to be:) Maybe a couple of day trips would help. St. Augustine, The Beach, A Park. All with in reach.

The waves, the lapping of the water on the sand, the kids buiding sand things, O.K. tom. we are off to the beach..........

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