Monday, August 20, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me!!

Happy Birthday to me I am 37 yipee!!! Happy Birthday to me I survived another year golleee. Happy Birthday to me I am not a size 33:) HE HE HE!!!

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Kimberly said...

Mine is coming up really soon, Sept. 5th. "38yrs"

Sorry I haven't called you back. My life got utrned upside down on Monday night. I have been a Cubmaster for the last 3 years. I stepped down in May and gave the post to a new couple. In the last two weeks, the wife has chased off half of the Pack and the husband quit on Monday night. They also messed things up with our charter by getting into the churches business and making demands. So we have been putting out fires, so to speak and will possibly be shutting down the Pack on the 27th. Other Packs are not offering help, but acting like vultures, trying to grab a few boys here and there. Hopefully later next week will be better for us to talk about homeschooling.

Thanks, Kim