Friday, February 22, 2008

So I Do NOT Understand Haircutters !!!

I am really angry right now. I went to get my hair cut and no matter who I go to see EVERY single person I have ever had cut my hair cuts it OFF!!! I was trying to grow it out and I go for a trim and POW>>> It's all gone! I think it may be hair envy. Oh you have such beautiful hair! SNIP SNIP SNIP!!! So I have decided that I am doomed to have short hair. What do you think?


tricia said...

I think your hair looks very cute. You on the other hand look kind of, um...not happy.

Bridgette Encinas said...

I think your hair is nice, it seems to fit you. (That's my opinion)
No I'm not that great right now. My husband and I are going through some difficuties right now, and frankly, it's upset me ALOT. I hate how men can be so inconsiderate all the time. Usually he's wonderful, but lately, I don't know whats gotten into him. It's like he's going thorugh a weird midlife crisis, but he's only 21. He just needs to grow up and think

Kimberly said...

You have always had short hair! I like it!

You need to go see my sister in Lake Mary!
Email me for her info.