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I see that there have been so many people visiting lately. Please leave a comment or a sign that you have come to see us. We would love to know who all of you are... I have lived all over the world &am interested in all of your lives. I have lived in Indiana, Georgia, Florida, California, North Carolina, Guam, Austria. I have visited Truck, Japan, Hawaii, Croatia, Germany, Slovenia, Bosnia, Hungary, Italy, Herzegovina, and others. I have been to every state in the USA except for Alaska and North Dakota. I am interested in all types of peoples and cultures. Tell me a little about you and where you have been.


Kimberly said…
Hi Jenn, I guess I am the only one to speak up!

I lived in Ohio until I was 13 and we moved to Winter Park. My graduating class in Ohio was 27, so Glenridge was a bit of a culture shock for me. We lived very close to an Amish community. Now that I have been in FL for all of these years, I would die if I had to go back to that way of life. Our 1920s farm house was only 800 sq ft, not including the finished attic that was all mine. We had goats, chickens, ducks, rabbits, and any other wild animal that my mother was currently nursing back to health.

So I guess I get the squirrel thing honestly!! LOL

This is our last week of school and then we are free to play!!!!!
Emma said…
Hello, just surfed in from Kim's blog who is a regular on Fireflymom's blog who is a stalker of my own humble ranting ground.

My travel log is no way near as exciting as yours...I live in the UK, currently Worthing, West Sussex which is on the south coast. My hometown is a few miles west at Bognor Regis, West Sussex and I have just completed 3 years at University in Southampton, Hampshire (also on the south coast)....where I studied Film and TV. I have visited a fair bit of the US and Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Egypt and Hong Kong and fleeting visits to Belgium, France, Malta, The Canary Islands and Maderia

I love to write, am a bit of a people watcher (in a non creepy 'people do funny things' way)like all kinds of music and films, love to walk the local sceneic spots...which is a good thing since I also love all things sweet and sugary.

I grew up in the 80s and like to spout about how life was better terms of TV, films, music and the freedom we had....oh and I was/am a complete Tomboy with a sense of fun and adventure.

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