Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Can you stinking believe the price of gas???

Gas now!
Gas in 6 months.
I am disgusted and ticked off at the price of gas. I am not going to be very popular here and say that I have found out we have 60+ years reserve and if we drill our own resources that our supply is endless. What are we waiting for? I am tired of us trying to be so popular that we suffer alone in our own country for it. Just venting. I know I am not the majority!!!


Kimberly said...


The last time I filled up my 26 gallon tank, it cost me $82, and that was about a week or more ago. I am trying not to drive too much and save my gas.

tricia said...

I want to get a basket for my bike so I can ride to Publix and the library.
I just caught up on your blog and your house traumas. Wow. What a roller coaster month for you. And you seemed so calm at Sams party! Brewier and I want to start gardening too. I figured if that family in LA could do it, I might as well try.