Thursday, June 05, 2008

A Few Good Things

( Photo borrowed form Daily Observations)

First of all I have to tell you about my adopted nephew and his funny thinking yesterday. We were swimming in our pool and Sam, who is 6 said do I thin the city of Atlantis is real? I said I don't know. Caleb, my son 11, said he read a book about it and maybe it was. Then, Sam declared quite adamantly "The city of Atlantis IS REAL, I saw it on scooby doo and so it is true!!!" Well we were quite shocked ! Who knew that the world according to scooby could be so influential ! Soooo funny!!!

Secondly you must check out this blog. It is beautiful!

Her photography rocks...

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tricia said...

ROFLMBO! Yep, thats our Sammy.