***(((Crazy Yesterday)))***

So yesterday our daughter decided she would climb EVERYTHING! I went to take a shower and she had climbed over the couch in the family room and through the pass through window into the kitchen sink. AHHH. Then, later in the day she climbed the back of our sons IKEA bed. I hear "MOMMY HELP ME". I find her and think you got yourself up there now get down. :) She is more adventurous than her brothers ever were. The finale was her standing on the family room couch and jumping off onto what is just a thin rug covered tile floor. POOF her diaper exploded everywhere!!! MESS..... She's only 2. Can you imagine how long we'll stay young with this one?:o)


Kimberly said…
"POOF her diaper exploded everywhere!!!"

That's just too funny! LMAO

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