Short Temper or Everybody Today Really was Rude!


What a day! I do not know if I got up on the wrong side of the bed or everybody else did. It was crazy! I called different companies trying to get rates on some things and everyone I talked to had an attitude! I mean everybody! Why would I ask this and why did I need that! Then, I went to the YMCA to rejoin and they had agreed to waive part of the membership fee for our teen. I knew this and then asked how much for a family membership, the woman behind the counter, when asked for a final price by me said, this is the price and I do not know why you expect something for nothing....I NEVER ASKED FOR MORE MONEY OFF. So, I said NEVERMIND. I told her that I didn't like her and left! I walked. I guess it was a little 3 year old ish.(Is that a word?) But, I didn't care. I am tired of every one's attitude! PERIOD! I am going to bed early and maybe everyone else should too.


Emma said…
Guess 'the attitude' travelled across the pond because people were so grumpy yesterday (staff and customers alike) I am today chucking a sickie....I know I'm naughty....but I was so tired mentally and physically yesterday I settled down around 3 hours earlier than normal....besides I don't see why a. shops need to be open until 10pm and b. they need to be open at the weekend either...bah humbug...and, rather than doing anything productive, I'm watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

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