A Light at the End of a Long Dark Tunnel

This last week was SOMETHING. My Grandmothers death, a bummer Birthday, Tropical storm Fay, a leaking air conditioner, and family stresses to boot. Today it is sunny and warm. I think we'll play by the pool, rest and go to church tonight. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Back to school tomorrow.

Praying our middle son Caleb adjusts well after home schooling for 5 years. I am a little worried. He is very sensitive. We are hoping for some good lifetime friends.

Steve's back to work after 3 rain days. Mowing and rain do not go well. So, even though it's Sun. he's gone. There are a few more things to do around the house. Including now touching us a water spot on one of the ceilings. Normal things. It's all good.


Jessica said…
Hope you ahve a great upcoming week!

Your pool looks amazing, by the way. :)
Jenn said…
Come and join us in that pool anytime. I REALLY mean it!!!

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