Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fun on a Saturday

Gotta love the pink sand!
Gator and Alice
Alice and Sam
New Play House
Come in for some tea!

Today was a little slow getting going. Then, I decided that we were NOT going to go anywhere and save our gas. It's hard to stay home. But friends came to play. So we swam, played in the new sandbox, rode our bike and then the BEST thing happened! Alice has always wanted a playhouse. You know the kind from little tykes. They are very expensive. But, today we went our to tell our friends goodbye and found this for free down the road on our street. Our neighbor helped us carry it. We are soooo glad we stayed home!!!


Kimberly said...

Wow Alice, cool pad!

Kimberly said...

Save your clear #6 recycle bakery cartons for shrinky dinks! I saw you comment on "flip flops and applesauce"! Cut out the flat pieces and save them for a rainy day! FREE is good!

Jenn said...

Yes it is....