Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Toddler & The Grocery Store

Once there was a mom crazy enough to take her 2 year old daughter to the grocery store. She knew it would be difficult. But, task be as it may it had to be done. There was no one at home to watch her. So off the mom and daughter went. Mom, thinking it would get some of the squirmies out, stopped by the park on the way in 100 degree heat. The daughter went down the slide, climbed a little and then declared it too hot to play outside! So onto the grocery store. Mind you mom went to the THE smallest Publix grocery store in the world. It was really made as a glorified 7 -11. So onward they ventured. The daughter decided today she HAD to have the car cart that is the size of a small semi compared to all of the other carts. More fun was in store for the fearsome twosome. The isles are not hardly big enough to fit two carts let alone a semi and a cart. They received dirty looks when people could not pass. The mom made funny looks after they had. Then, much to the mom's horror the daughter didn't want to stay in the cart. After nearly losing the daughter to a free flight jump the mom gave in. (AHHHH) The daughter proceeded to do a summer salt in the middle of the gross yucky and dare I say super busy grocery store floor. So the mom swooped up the child proceeded to the checkout as fast as humanly possible. Now the mom is home and the daughter is asleep. Can anyone say hallelujah!

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Kimberly said...

LOL . . . sorry to laugh, but I remember those days all too well! Nice recovery! Cheer up!