Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Now Let's See What Happens

Well it's over. I am not happy. I really wonder if everyone knows who they just asked to run our country. Nothing is fixed overnight and nothing is ever as simple as it seems. It's politics. Do people really not know that we are just now living with the decisions that presidents and congress made 8-12 years ago? When did our schools stop teaching trickle down economics. It's one of the fundamental truths about any government. Now we are Christians can only pray. Pray this man listens to everyone. We'll see is all I have to say, we'll see.


LuLu said...

Did you pray that Bush was going to listen to everyone? Do you feel he did a good job? Guess what in the next 4 years we are going to feel the pain of what our current president has done with spending trillions on war and killing innocent men and women. I don't believe that we should vote on one issue. Just because I am a christian there are bigger issues than that. Do you have elderly parents that might of had lost there medicare benefits under McCains plan? Just remember it didn't matter who came in to office this year our country is in a lot of trouble from the last 8 years and just think we are just beginning to feel the craziness of the current president.

Jenn said...

I did pray and I will still pray. Killing inocent men and woman that went to war for this country willingly and faught with great honor. I come from a military family. Each of my family members have said that they did not always agree with war but they would go again if meant freedom for this country. There is no draft. I did have 3 grandparents that just passed away. They never for one moment expected this nation to pay their way. They worked their whole lives and payed for themselves. This man that was elected is not the only answer. It's up to each and every one of to fight for what is right. Bush has a congress and a senate mind you that we as a nation put there. No one man has the power to chose war. That is how our goevernment works. So we'll see. Talk to me in 5 years. Maybe I'll feel differently. But, from a biblical persective I am fearful that we have made a huge mistake.