Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Wrapping

After Wrapping ( Sorry it's backwards.)
Before wrapping.

Well the Christmas wrapping is done. All but a few things. It was fun to wrap them all this year. I had them hidden all over the house. I think if the kids really wanted to find them they could have. I piled them under the tree and our middle son Caleb said "Tell me where you had all of those!" I don't think so then they would know much too much. Mommies need some secrets. SHHHHH :)
P.S. Here's the great thing. Grandpa and Grandma haven't brought their presents yet. That's why we have 2 trees this year. Can you say spoiled children. But it's so much fun!


Emma said...

i love it when the pressies get put under the tree....mother never likes to do it too early in case people break in and nick everything....the days we live in huh?.....I always used to find the presents, on the top of my parents wardrobe every year without fail, mum would just wrap em as soon as she bought em due to my inability to wait till christmas.

Jenn said...

Funny Emma! I am excited about Christmas this year. Having children around makes it very jolly! Merry Christmas!