Fa la la la la la la la la.....***

Yesterday we were finishing up our Christmas shopping. I thought I was done and then I remembered... Ah Hah!!! I need.... I guess it's just part of the nurturing character in me. I want everyone to be all warm and fuzzy inside, even if for only one day a year. It's my way of showering those I love with simple dreams come true. I am awaiting a slew of Ebay purchases, as well as one more package. I will be wrapping all the way to Christmas day. It's a good thing I love to wrap. I wish I could afford all the frillies, bows, ribbons, sparklies and such. (Is sparklies a word?) Anyway they are all wrapped with love with a mothers dream of happy faces and smile on Christmas morn. So, I wait... It should be a wonderful Christmas.


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