Monday, December 15, 2008

Funny Gator

Our best friends son is fondly named Gator. He used to bite all of the time hence the name. Well Saturday night he and his brother stayed here while their mom went to a Christmas party. They are always funny and we are often together. (Adopted family is more like it!) So all the kids are watching Wall-E and Gator says this, " Aunt Jen you know I made Wall-E! ", he was sitting my lap. "You did?", I say. "Yes I made him and I am letting the movies borrow him. They can keep him as long as they want to , but I made him."

Gator Pflug is going to be very rich! (He's 4.)


Tricia said...

Oh, tells me stuff like that all the time! For instance, he designed and planted all of Leu Gardens. I don't know wether to play along or be worried!

Jenn said...

I think it'd o.k to THNIK BIG! maybe one day he'll be a great designer! Either that or a great story teller!