O.K. So I see Now How to Get it Done!

Lands End Slippers in Brown and Lavender

Travel Slippers with Pouch also Lands End

Mac Christmas Gift Set
Crate & Barrel Coffee Mugs

This is what I want for Christmas. (I bought it mostly for me from them.) Anyone else have to do this?:)


Kimberly said…
I totally know where you're coming from. I didn't have to buy them (this year), but I was told to send my detailed list to his blackberry.

NO FUN! :(
Emma said…
mum has a habit of buying stuff months before Christmas and telling you she's bought it for us to give her at Christmas....trying to get any kind of list is like blood out of a stone....I'm easy since I'm a complete movie/TV buff (in case you hadn't noticed) dvd's and fluffy animal slippers and I'm a happy bunny ;-)

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