Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Snow People on Mt. Fuji

I was reading a friends blog and I was reminded of an imagine from when I was little. We lived on Guam and when we left to head back to the states I was 5. (Guam is a US territory in the middle of stinking no where in the south pacific ocean.) We stopped in Japan first. We spent some time there and I remember more than a 5 year old normally should. We saw parades, Geisha's, we fished for our own dinner and they made it and brought it to you. I had buttery blond hair and I remember the Japanese people coming up and asking my parents if they could touch it. My Dad would work during the day and my mom and I went around seeing the sights. It was winter and while visiting a Japanese holy place there was a patch of ice and my mom slipped. I caught her before she went down and a group of business men stopped and all clapped and yelled yeah! It was really funny. The other memory that came to me was making snow people on Mt. Fuji. It was snowing and everything was very quiet. We were with a really good friend of the family and he stopped about half way up the mountain and made me snow people. I thought the lady snow person was super silly. But, it was Christmas and I had requested a whole family and our friend obliged. These memories are priceless and I am so glad I am able to conjure so many of them us from when I was so young. Merry Christmas!

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