Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Today I was reading another blog that I enjoy very much. This blogger decided to add a contest to her blog to promote some one's business. It not only benefited the blogger herself but also for a nominal fee another lucky advertisee. ( Real word I don't know.) Anywho, this sounded like a great opportunity to me. Not only to the blogger, who could always use a few pennies to store away, but also to the winner. A win win situation I thought. But, no. There are always those few who complain, put a cloud over the situation, dampen the joy. Well here's what I have to say.
No one needs anyone else's permission on how to run their blog. If this blogger had wanted other's opinions they would have asked for them! Geeze people have we really gotten to the point that some believe that they HAVE to rule over everything. I guess so. It just amazes me at the gahoozitz of some. (For lack of a cruder word.) Let one be. Have a great night!


Greg Pflug said...

Bring on the free stuff! And tasteful nudie shots.

Kimberly said...

Jenn, you have awards waiting for you at my blog. Gotta go, my battery is almost dead, but I appreciate YOU!