Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Frustrated and Upset

My Sweet Alice


O.K. so I do not sleep well. At least since Alice has been born I haven't. So let's see 2 3/4 years of restless sleep. Friday I ended up with a sinus issue. I had opened the windows in our house and a very large unwelcome amount of Oak pollen landed inside! Well that was it for me. Sore throat, achy body, stuffy nose, slight fever. I hated Florida that night and every time the Oak leaves are shedding. O.K. So I thought I felt bad last night let me see how I sleep the next couple of nights. Not good either. Last night I went to bed TIRED and at 12:11 Steve wakes me up because I was snoring! Then not 15 min. later he was on a freight train to China next to me. I tried to wake him and he said UUUUUUU leave me alone. So, I proceeded to my couch bed and was awake until 5:00. I had just drifted off when Steve, woke me up again to tell me to go back to bed he was getting for work. It was infuriating! So, I got 4.5 hours of sleep. I am tired grouchy and mad. There's not enough coffee to make me happy! Plus, my body aches and I am sooooo tired. But, there is no rest for the weary when you are a domestic engineer. Anybody sympathize?


~~Deby said...

Yes..I do...I have not slept well since I had a hysterectomy--I WAS 26 and now am in my 50's..it is not fun and I am sure part of what triggered my fibromyalgia...one thing I WORK on is not fighting it..IF I am awake...I find something to do..it is almost like living jet lagged....that's the best I can describe it..I do NAP almost everyday..I have too...
don't know if that helps...I don't even drink anything with caffeine either anymore, it has not helped..
Praying that somehow you will find rest.

Jenn said...

Thank you Deby!

Emma said...

Oh dear...that's a bucket full of sucky....I too am not much with the sleeping lately, but that's more 'brain won't shut down' than allergies and trains...when I was at Uni I regularly got through the week with under 4 hours sleep a night....but then that's what lectures were for ;-)...after a while though you do go a bit 'gibbering idiot'