Family of Cooks

Reading the directions.
Ingredients assembled.

Assembling the brownies.

Stirring the brownies.

Making chicken rolls.

Everyone in our family cooks. It's fun and even through she's only2 3/4 Alice helps too. It turns into a very busy kitchen. But it if Fun!


Kimberly said…
Are these the incredible brownies we had on Sat night?

I also wanted to tell you that I love the new look of your blog! It's fabulous!
Jenn said…
Thanks Kimberly! Yes, they were the fabulous brownies. They were 2 different kinds turtle and cookies and cream. Amazing!
Emma said…
I spy Betty Crocker...mmmmmm, love the choc cake...I want a rainbow cake for my birthday this year and have seen a recipe online but it involves a white cake mix from Betty Crocker which they don't do here in the UK...grrrr...still i have 5 months to find an alternative.

I'm not a cook myself...i can do a couple of basic dishes and cook veggies, so I don't starve...but when there preperation and measuring involved it's generally a disaster.
Jenn said…
Why don't they do white cake in England?
Emma said…
no idea...our Betty Crocker mixes consist of a choc cake mix, a cookie mix and a brownie mix and that's all we get in our's all about demand I guess...I'd never heard of a white cake mix before...let alone a rainbow cake.

Like I say I'll find an alternative...I really want a rainbow cake ;-)
Jessica said…
Those were my thoughts...FUN!!! :)

Addison's always wanting to help me cook, too.

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