New Haircut & Goofy Kids

Well I am always in dilemma about whether or not to cut my hair or to keep it longer. It's been longer for two years now and yesterday I went and cut it all off. It feels strange. I know that a lot of people think I'm ridiculous about this issue but it really does define how I feel about myself. I like to be put together.I have been that way since I was a little girl. My socks had to match my shirt, dress or whatever. I think sometimes it's just born. So, I have to say to all of you strong woman out there be yourselves. Period just be yourselves. Quirks are what make us all unique and fun. Make it a great day!


Emma said…
you look fabulous darling...I'm not so much with how I look these days, I can't afford a haircut...I think I last had it done around November last year, so it's getting kinda long now...thank god for hair bungees. I regularly hang in jeans and a tee and quite often wear odd socks, because I always forget to pair up when I do the laundry and can't be bothered to hunt for the matching sock!
Jenn said…
Emma that's just funny. Thanks for the compliment. Jenn

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