Guilty Pleasures Substitutions

These are what not to eat! (HeeHee)

Amber at "Home Makeover Me Edition" asked for some guilty pleasure substitutions.
Banana Split-----------Banana with Peanut butter
Pizza-------------------Homemade invdividual Pizza w/ fresh ingredients
Chocolate--------------Hot Cocoa (Well maybe)
Ceaser Salad-----------Any salad with basalmic vinegar and sunflower oil instead
Chips w/ Cheese-------Chips with Salsa
O.K. So I am a snacker by birth. Hope this helps a little......


Jessica said…
I stand by the full health benefits of eating 1oz. of dark chocolate everyday! The trick is just sticking to one oz... :)
Tanielle said…
Why is food so wonderful???? Love pizza, and salsa and chips, and chocolate!! YUMMY! Thanks for the alternate choices, great ideas!

Have a wonderful day!
These are great ideas! I'm with Tanielle . . . why does the good stuff have to be so bad???
3 Peas in a Pod said…
I'm a snacker by birth too!!! It's so hard to limit it.

Good luck this week!

Much love from NJ,
Xazmin said…
Me too. Love my snacks!

It's so hard to give them up when I know I need to if I want to lose weight!
Jen said…
Did you know semi-sweet chocolate chips have healthy monounsaturated fats? Yep. I keep a stash of them for a chocolate fix - not quite the best chocolate, but better than going without. :)

Have a great week!
Amber said…
Awww man, you even showed pictures!? I'm so hungry. Even though I'm eating soft foods, I want something I can *chew*!

I agree on the homemade pizza. We used to make them on English Muffins, and they were REALLY good. I'm thinking that will be on my menu for next week!

I was just telling Tanielle, you should get all the baked Lays chips. They have all varieties, and the Baked tortilla chips are good for chips & salsa. Mmmm...

For your chocolate craving, get Fat Free chocolate pudding cups, and put FF Cool Whip. It is SO good.
Leah said…
Those pictures make me want to eat that food! It is sooo hard to eat healthy. I've got to have chocolate though! :)

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