Friday, May 15, 2009

House Forclosure

Last August we decided to foreclose on our house. O.K. so we moved out of our house and into a rental. We let the house go and thought that was it. Well we are in a chapter 13 bankruptcy. It pays back a portion of your debt according to your income. We have been trying to do the right thing through this whole process. We knew we owed and wanted to be accountable.
So, the house we own stood vacant for 5 months. Apparently the mortgage company cannot foreclose as long as we are under the chapter 13 umbrella. Which lasts 5 years...Then, the mortgage company said it would be better if it wasn't vacant. We couldn't live there because our money has to be going somewhere and we cannot afford the payment of $3400.00 on the house which is house payment plus debt. Also, we cannot collect rent because that is illegal.
My brother and his wife moved in January 15th or so. They have been there since then. The house has a pool and we had let that go too. Wellllll, that's not allowed! It is a criminal offense to have a rotting pool. O.k. I get that. The water was black and what if something happened. (Even though no one should be trespassing:( ) So over the last week we have been trying to get the pool up and running. It has been really expensive! By the time we're done it'll be over
I am really angry about the whole thing! I know now that the neighbor behind us reported the pool. Funny considering they have a hot tub roting in their own backyard! So, I have had to cancel several things we wanted to do. It's just not fair. Vacation, photo session, etc!!!
It will cost around $80.00 a month to keep it up. The bad thing is we have to pay for that too! It's never ending and I am trying to deal with it an go on. Forgive me if I cry a little.... (Tear).

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Emma said...

For someone who's been out of work for the last 6 months or so I can totally understand, I don't have the financial responsibilities you do but it's still completely sucky when your life is just on's hoping for a turn around soon...and chin up hon ;-)