Thursday, June 25, 2009

Teenager in Trouble

A while ago I talked about adding more serious topics to my blog well here goes nothing. We have a teen in trouble. His name is Andrew and he is addicted to a couple of various substances. He doesn't think it's a problem, but we know better. He is 16, gets amazing grades, is almost 6 foot, drives, treats his sibling with great respect. I say all of that to say that no one knows. He is sly and he pulls the wool over every one's eyes. Even ours. Our latest adventure with him was just yesterday. He lies and we catch him EVERY time!!! He often calls me mom Hitler because I somehow manage to get the truth out of him. It's not me it GOD. HE know what he's been doing and that if things do not change his life could be in danger. Praise God for the amazing chemistry he allows between parent and child. Especially when they are only on loan to us. We are praying about what to do. It's been going on off and on since he was 14. Maybe even before that? I need prayers and hope. I need to be strong. So we have put all other obstacles aside and now we have to concentrate on getting him well. Anything you can offer would help. Sincerely and prayerfully, Jenn


Kimberly said...

Wow, I'm sorry to hear this!
I thought that this was over and done with. He is an amazing kid and it makes me sad to hear about his addictions.

Jenn said...

Thanks Kim!

Amber said...

Oh dear. That is so sad to hear. I will definitely be saying some prayers for not only your son, but you, your husband, and your other children.

And also wanted to say thank you so very much for your kind, thoughtful words. SO very thankful.