Tell us 10 things you love about summer.

Tell Us 10 Things You Like About Summer

1. The are few if any appointments.

2. Family vacations.

3. I love summer clothes. Even though I need to lose weight I still love summer dresses and sandals.

4. Swimming and yes I am going to say it having a tan! I live in Florida, have native american and german in my heritage and even though I wear sunscreen I still tan. I feel healthier and look better.

5. Summer cookouts with friends.

6. Lazy days with no makeup.

7. The beach.

8. All of the natural springs that are too cold to swim in in the winter.

9. I actually love swimsuits too. I just do not mind wearing one.
10. Homeade ice cream and watermellon.


Tina said…
Loved your pictures.....great answers!!! Summer clothes...yes I agree.
Emma said…
couldn't agree summer...hate...I repeat HATE in a country which swtiches from winter to summer overnight....and, in the case of this week, dropped 20 degrees overnight after a minute your flashing minute digging out the thermals once again..grrr arrg!
Oh the sundresses, how I love sundresses (that yellow one sure is cute!). I love the sun!
Vivienne said…
Um, should I only be having lazy days with no make-up during the summer...? Oops. :)
Great visuals!!!!
Jenn said…
No not every day is a no make up day. It's a milestone for me to go without. I am much more likely to fight that one:)
J.J. said…
I hear you on the NO MAKE UP!!!!!! I think the only appts I have are the kids dentist appt the week before school starts...that is it!!!! It is vacation city!!!
ham1299 said…
Great list! :-)
Shawn said…
I love the lazy days of summer! Is there a way to make it longer?

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