Friend Making Mondays

Amber at is hosting Friend Making Mondays:

10 Things I Loved About Summer

Sleeping In

Sea World

Cooking Out

My Sister In Laws Baby Shower

The Beach


Dressed Up Ballerina's

Our Pool


honeysuckle said…
Sounds like a wonderful summer to me-warm, friends, water and good food. Who could ask for anything more? Have a great week and thanks for sharing.
Jolanthe said…
Looks like there was plenty of water time this summer! :)

Happy FMM!

Kelli said…
I love Sea World and I miss the one we used to have here in Ohio. Ooh, your pool looks just wonderful.
Ave said…
Great pictures! You have so cool pool :D
Mellisa said…
That pool looks awesome! I love the dressed up ballerina.
Great list! You DID have a lot of water this summer!! :)

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