Life isn't easy right now. Not not in a bad kind of way. (Other than dealing with our oldest.) Money is very tight. We cannot do all of things we used to do but that's o.k. We have found ourselves reevaluating our goals and our expectations. We have all spent more time with family and friends. Cooking out, camping, swimming(because we live in the Florida heat!), eating more together, playing games, and just spending quality time together in general. We even hung our front porch swing so that we can enjoy the front yard. My husband and I are also getting along better than ever. There's a lot more smooching going on. Hee Hee!

So tell me what are you doing these rough times? I'd love to know.....


Tricia said…
I am reading a wonderfully helpful book called "Calm My Anxious Heart," by Linda Dillow. I can not recommend it enough.You can get it quite inexpensively on was $1. BTW, I love your new fall background.

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