Looking for Christmas Trees

I went looking for Artificial trees online and found soo many. We only have a charlie brown artificial tree. So, maybe this will be my year. I love the fresh one's but they are messy. I feel that I really clean enough. So here's what I found.

My friends Trisha's wine bottle tree.

A HUGE wine bottle tree.

An upside down tree???

A patriotic tree.

A fluffy pink tree.

A beautiful tree.

A different bottle tree.

This is what I want. But, wow is it expensive. So who knows what we'll end up with!


Anonymous said…
OH WOW!!! I have never seen any of those bottle trees and the upside down one is kinda neat but my guests might get a crick in their neck trying to look at it! LOL! We have a BIG "fake tree" but I really wanted a real tree this year. Maybe we should trade? LOL Have a great weekend!!
Kimberly said…
You need to use the Charlie Brown tree this year, and go shopping after xmas for a discounted tree. That's what I did and my tree was 75% off and cost about $30! The pre-lit trees are nice, but what do you do when bulbs burn out???
Jenn said…
Sound like a great idea Kim!
Emma said…
Def pick one up in the sale for next year as Kim said. We've always had a plastic tree, we in fact got rid of my childhood one just a couple of years ago so they get a pretty good shelf life. We now have a fab plush looking tree which I decorate with all the baubles my sister and I picked up when we were travelling and the ones which we've had since i was a nipper, there's even a couple from my mother's childhood...can't beat a touch of tradition at christmas now can ya ;-)

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