Car Accident

My husband was in a car accident today. It was one of those multiple light intersections. It was his fault but no one was hurt. It is a serious blow to our finances though. His truck has no collision because it iis paid off and older. What a way to end the year.
We just watched a show called "THE MIDDLE." It made us laugh and made us realize that we are not alone. It gave me hope. Which is good because though I know my faith has to be in God, hope is something I am lacking these days.


Emma said…
Oh dear, glad everyone's guys have really weird and huge intersections in Florida :-S

2009 had generally been a massive pain in the arse and I'll be glad to be shot of's hoping 2010 is kinder to us all
Kimberly said…
Glad to hear no one was hurt.

Hang in there!
Emma said…
No worries Jenn..I love hearing about your life and family from across the pond and makes me much with the warm and fuzzies that you like reading and seeing my humble part of the universe. Have a very happy new year :D
天空 said…
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Tecia said…
I know , there is never a good time for not so Good things to happen, I am happy that your husband and everyone else is okay, My husband got a $200.00 ticket 3am on the night of christmas eve, while driving to his mom house to pick up some gifts we hid there.

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