Monday, December 07, 2009

Friend Making Mondays

Amber @ has another friend making Monday topic.
Your most embarrassing moments.
The one that always comes to mind is from my childhood. We were living in Guam with the Navy and we had gone to Japan for a visit. Everything there is very proper and you mind your manners wherever you go. I was 5 so this wasn't always easy. However, my mother and I were walking around Tokyo visiting the many temples, and it was very cold and there were ice patches everywhere. My mom went to enter the temple that we were near and she did one of those fancy dancing foot things slipping the ice , but I caught her and she didn't fall.
The embarrassing part was that a group of Japanese business men were walking by and when I caught my mom they all began to cheer and laugh. I thought my mom would die a thousand deaths. If was both funny and embarrassing but we still talk about it to this day.


lynne said...

lol, so you were the moment of entertainment? yes, i would have been embarassed also! i hope to travel there someday...i bet it was beautiful! happy FMM!

Manic Mommy Meg said...

Happy FMM! That's a really cute story! Thank goodness you were there to catch your mom!

The Royal Family said...

hee hee, I got a visual and it was funny!

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Sara said...

Happy FMM
That was cute and funny
thank you for sharing

Nicole said...

Haha how cute! Lucky mom! =D

Happy FMM!