Living in Florida does NOT mean it does not get cold. Our friends fountain was frozen his morning. There's ice on all the car windows, and tonight we are expecting SNOW!!! The sun shining is helping everything stay cheery though. Happy Thursday!!!


Emma said…
HAHA...welcome to my world...we're having the coldest winter in 30 years at the moment and some places will be getting temps of -20 tonight...*grabs her Tigger hot water bottle and snuggles under duvet*

That's pretty unusal for Florida though right? didn't think it got that cold in your neck of the woods.
Jenn said…
We don't Emma. It's all time lows. Snow flurries possible sat. night. BRRRR........ It's so wet here too!!!
Kimberly said…
I don't know about you, but I'm ready for some global warming! :)

I took my heating pad to bed last night just to warm my feet. I was sooooooo cold! With 3 pairs of socks on my feet! And my husband is on midnight shift so he's not here to keep me warm.

Keep warm!
Jenn said…
Oh. Wish we were closer to all sit by the fire together.

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