I know that it's a strong sentiment but I really hate wall to wall carpet. I wouldn't mind throw rugs everywhere. I just hate the spots, the grime, the sand that I know is underneath. YUCKY. It's just yucky!

I want all wood floors. That would be my choice. Laminate would do me just fine. Tile is too hard for me too. I know I'm picky. I just keep building my dream home in my head and it would have all laminate floors, linoleum, yes linoleum in the kitchen, and maybe some stone in front of the fireplace for protection.

Sounds wonderful!!!!!


Kimberly said…
We don't have sand but we do have a dog, so I completely understand.

We installed carpet upstairs but the stuff in the living room will be history - hopefully soon! My husband is installing my bamboo floor in my scrapbook room today. It looks so nice. I'll be posting pics to my blog probably tomorrow. That is the same flooring that we will put in our LR, kitchen, and dining room. I can't wait!
Bonnie said…
Agree...carpet is yucky! Our house is full of it.....I too dream of wood floors!
Renee said…
I totally agree with you! In September we had hardwoods put in our dinner room (which was carpet!), living room, stairs, and upstair hallway. Every time I look at the bedroom carpets, I yearn for hardwood in there too. Maybe someday.

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