Friend Making Mondays

Welcome back to another week of
Friend Making Mondays!

This week, inquiring minds want to know: What did you do this weekend? Confess it.

Did you sleep in late? Were you lazy? Were you productive? Did you do anything special? Tell us all about it.

We were so busy this weekend.

Friday we went out for date night to STONEWOOD GRILL. It was super yummy. Then, out to a local pub. Too much red wine I must add.

Saturday we took our middle son to a birthday party. Then, Alice and I got to hang out with one of my BFF's Jamie and her 2 boys. We had fun watching them play basketball, chatting it up and having pizza for dinner.

Sunday we went to church. Then, had a big lunch.

After lunch the people for "World's Strictest Parent's " and shot us on film for 4 hours. It was fun and it went well.

Now to wait and see if they pick us for the show.

It was a busy weekend.


Emma said…
Sounds like a much more productive weekend than mine. The deluge of sucky weather meant any attempt to venture outside would've needed an ark of some kind. I did take some time to watch the garden birds flit about and some have taken an interest in our bird box....hopefully a brood of Blue tits will take up residence again this year.

Apart from that the weekend was spent watching William Shatner at his hammy best in TJ Hooker ;-)
Kimberly said…
Wow! You did have a busy weekend! I hope things work out for you regarding the tv show!
Kimberly said…
Oh, and I have something for you over on my blog! Check out Sunday's post!

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