Changing Up My Blog

I would like to change up my blog a bit. I want and need it to be a positive place that I can come to. So no more politics and no more negativity unless something really terrible is happening. Like family issues. I am just tired of hearing mysefl complain and maybe if I alter my focus to the positive I will change. So by the end of today I will post positive reflections part 1. Hope you'll tune in.


Anonymous said…
I'll be here!!
Emma said…
love the picture by the way, very peaceful looking. Look forward to the new posts, I like hearing of Floridian life, so different from my own...and don't forget though a good rant is also good for the soul ;-)
Kimberly said…
I think you should blog about whatever you feel passionate about. If that means an occasional rant about religion or politics, then so be it. It is your blog - you can say (write) whatever you want!

Just my 2 cents.

Jenn said…
Thanks my sweet friends... Love you all!

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