Friday, April 16, 2010

Been Gone a While

Hello- The last couple of weeks have been busy and exausting in a lot of ways. We have been fighting fleas for about a month now. I have done about 60 loads of laundry and after the 2nd round with the exterminator we are on our way to a flea free home.
These are the things that DO NOT WORK:
1. Borax it does absolutely nothing!
2. Certain tree branches or leaves. NOTHING
3. Advantage and Frontline on pets. The fleas are now immune....:(

Things that DO WORK to fight fleas.
1. Extermination. It's the only way!!!
2. Feeding your pets garlic. After 1 day the fleas were gone! No lie!
3. Vacuuming after the exterminator to eliminate eggs and dead fleas. YUCKY!
4. Keeping everything flea free to begin with. We live in Florida. It's NOT easy!

So that's the lowdown. I HATE FLEAS!!!
But, we are on our way to better days.

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