Monday, May 17, 2010

"Be Kind to Animals Week"

Bonnie @ "Celebrate the Journey" had this on her blog and I had to copy it! Enjoy!

33 Ways To Be Kind To Animals

1. Never leave your pet alone in a car

2. Spay or neuter your cat or dog

3. Adopt pets from an animal shelter or rescue group

4. Spend quality time with your pet

5. Use a non-choking collar on your dog or cat

6. Provide nutritious food and constant fresh water for your pets

7. Keep chocolate away from your pets. It can poison them.

8. Keep pets away from toxic household chemicals.

9. Make sure they always wears up-to-date ID tags.

10. Read books as a family about animal care

11. Take pets for annual health exams and recommended vaccines and/or titer counts.

12. Only provide toys approved for their use.

13. Quit smoking; secondhand smoke can cause allergies in aniamls

14. Provide pets with plenty of exercise.

15. Make sure they have constant access to shade in the summer, heat in the winter and a place that's always dry.

16. Brush your dog's and cat's teeth.

17. Groom your pet often; daily for longhaired animals, and at least once weekly for shorthaired animals.

18. Never give pets any medicine without a vet's approval. Many human drugs like Advil and Tylenol are deadly poisons to pets.

19. Don't let pets eat string, yarn or rubber bands; they can cause intestinal blockage.

20. Keep your vet's office and emergency numbers handy

21. Learn First-Aid CPR and Choking Rescue for pets.

22. Volunteer at an animal shelter or a rescue group

23. Be alert when driving to avoid hitting animals.

24. Buy from companies that don't use animals for testing

25. Report abuse to the proper authorties.

26. Report injured dogs and cats you find to an animal shelter and injured wildlilfe to a wildlife rehabilitation center.

27. Pick up litter that might hurt animals.

28. Put up a bird feeder.

29. Never buy anything made from wild animals.

30. Leave all wild animals, including insects, in their natural homes.

31. Plant trees, shrubs and gardens in your back yard to attract birds and other wildlife feel welcome.

32. Pick up your dog's poop during walks.

33. Never kick, hit or spank a pet. Learn proper training techniques from a qualified trainer to teach your pet obedience.

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