Monday, July 12, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Life here is REALLY busy!!!Saturday we had our church's service day. It is called NICE SERVE and over 1000 people came out if you can think of it they did it. Painted, cleaned, sorted clothes, food and such at local food banks, mowed yards, cut down trees. Our middle son and I helped feed those 1000 hungry people with a team of about 15 of us. A local bar b que restaurant that everyone loves, and they go to our church, donated food. It was amazing!
Our oldest son is in the Dominican Republic on a mission trip and having a great time. They are cleaning, and restocking the mission teams schools. The group is staying at a COTN mission down. They will be very busy over the next few days also.

My parents arrived last night to clean out my Grandparents house that just sold. The closing is soon. It's been a long time coming. In some ways it's great. It closes a door that needed to be closed. But, I'll miss the property.
My parents are also moving from Ga. to Indiana so that is the second move to handle. I am unable to help with that one. But, our sons will travel north to do what they can. My father is from Culver Indiana and they have decided to settle once and for all in his hometown. It's a wonderful place around a beautiful lake with a military academy on the edge. It is Culver Military academy. My Father went there and my Grandfather taught German and swimming there for 41 years. I think my Grandparents would be very pleased, if they were alive, that he was returning. It's a wonderful place to spend summers. I am sure we will be there a lot.

Culver Military Academy
So this Thursday - Saturday is yard sale extraordinaire. There will be 3 families items available. If you are in the area please stop by. Our son will be selling waters and soft drinks. Should be a fun family affair.

Hope every one's summer is going well.

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