Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I went on a trip again last week. It is the 3rd time this year I took the same drive. I went to pick up our middle son from my Dad and Mom. They took him up north for 5 weeks. He had a good time but, he was also VERY happy to come home. We visited friends in Murphy N.C. and were treated like royalty. I do not think I have ate that much bacon for breakfast in well never :) Then, we said goodbye and went to Southeast Atlanta. We visited friends of mine from my high school youth group. We had a blast!!! We went to the Coca a Cola factory, Stone Mt. and the best Farmer's Market have ever been to. Here are some pictures I uploaded because I didn't take a single photo.... We were having too much fun!

World of Coke
   Farmers Market
  Murphy NC

 Stone Mountain 

Jodi & Dave

What a blast!!!

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