Monday, January 23, 2012

What a couple of weeks. It has been very busy and completely unexpected. The kids are doing well in school. Life is good in general. Then, Saturday. Alice fell off of our monkey bars in the backyard onto a piece of wood below. She was in terrible pain. We called 911 and they came to get her. She went to the hospital.
They put her in the most amazing hospital room we have ever seen. It had a projector screen on the wall with a circle above that changed color with the scene. It also had a flat screen TV with about 20 + movies.
It wasn't a fun journey but I had never seen a hospital room like this.
Alice had x rays and they checked her urine for kidney bruising. She ended up with a grapefruit size bruise. She also ended up with a sever bladder infection that is going to keep her home from school for a week.
It's ironic really, her staying home. It's really where I believe she should be. Home schooled. But, she loves her little class and they love her. Now after a decision to put her back into school and keep her there she is home sick?
Is it a sign? I don't know.
So, for this week she will be home. Getting better. Reading stories, playing with her dollies. Lovin her momma , as she calls me. Wow they just grow up too fast don't they?

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