Monday, July 30, 2012


I sat here this morning thinking I was going to end this blog. I haven't had a lot to say (out loud anyway). It has been a really rough year. There's just been one thing after another that has happened. But, then something happened. Something pretty special. I was reminded of the sweet love and grace of God. Here's how it went.
My elderly neighbor was basically booted out of the house she shared with her husband by her children a few weeks ago. She loved that house. She and her husband had been married for many years and he had died about 5 years ago. She never really got over it. Not that getting over the love of one's life should be something we do. Yet she has carried it off with dignity and grace.
At the same time we found we also had to move. Circumstances just wouldn't allow us to stay. After a year full of illnesses , injuries, and more I just didn't know if I cold take any more.....
BUT God has shown up in a big way just like He always does. Maybe we were mainly here for her? Maybe our time to love and take care of another was where we are now headed? Every place we have lived in our 20 year marriage there has been an elderly person to love. In every SINGLE house. In our first duplex it was our 93 year old landlord, in Oviedo it was the couple that were more near my parents age but they loved us and we loved them, in Maitland it was our next door neighbors, in Sanford it was a variety of people, back to Winter Park the 83 year old doll across the street, in the next house it was the neighbors behind us, in the house we last owned it was again a variety of people and now sweet Mrs. S. So I wonder who will be next? Instead of dreading this move I now know that it is sooooo on purpose. God's purpose.
He brought to my attention again this morning as I was doing my hair (as He always does, maybe he knows I will always be there in the morning :), that we are in town missionaries. That the wanderlust I carry in my heart is really just for the next house, the next neighborhood. Our lives are NEVER boring!
The other lesson He taught me this morning is that NO ONE wants to be forgotten. As my sweet elderly neighbor hung up the phone she simply said, "don't forget me"! I thought to myself isn't that just what we all want? NOT to be forgotten? To believe that we matter , to believe that someone loves us. Well someone does more than anyone else in the world JESUS! He will never forget you, never forsake you, never let you down.
As my dear friend says everytime I read her blog "He knows the plans He has for YOU"!
I believe Him! Won't you????

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