Sunday, September 22, 2013

Baby Love

I was chiming in on a post about how a new momma could get some rest during the day while her new baby girl naps. It's not an easy thing to do. After over 20 years of mommahood I have realized that even now it's not easy.
But what I wish I would have focused on myself is how precious those moments were. Those middle of the night feedings when it's just you 
and them. Quite time at it's maximum. Sweet baby smells, sighs and coos. The dark filled with lullabies and soft light.
That's what I wish I had focused on. Now we look forward to one day, (All be it not too soon), to being Grandparents.
If I had any advise it would be this. DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU PERIOD!!! Co-sleeping, moving baby to another room, them in a crib beside you what ever works!!!!! There is no right or wrong answer.It's been proven over time and centuries. Lots and lots of good people grew up differently. 
I cannot recall ever having this conversation. "Hi. Hello . So jut how did your parents raise you to sleep when you were a baby and toddler....""
God is really a precious God. He made us different but all in His image. So whether you like Enya, or Kenny G, or co sleeping or crib sleeping, just remember to stop, breathe, hug, snuggle and love. I promise you in a snap it'll be over and off to college they will be. 
Night ;)

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