Wednesday, September 25, 2013


     The last couple of months have been very strange to me. For almost 11 years I was a home school mom. I loved it! REALLY LOVED IT! Caleb , our middle son, loved it too. Then, last year I schooled our baby girl at home. She struggled but I was here to have that one on one time and it really helped. 
     Recently we discovered Alice has a visual disability. So we got her glasses and went tot he school she is at for help. I have mixed feelings about the school. It's always uncomfortable to be talked over. The teacher kept talking to the paraprofessional as though I was not there :(. It made me feel like a bad parent. She just kept saying Alice is soooooo far behind in reading, so far behind. I finally said no kidding she couldn't see. It's was though this person could not get it through her head that we have tried everything! Phonics, sight words, computer, flash cards, books on tape.... She heard none of what I said and just kept on and on about how behind she is. 
     Alice loves school. She loves other children. She seems happy over all. So I am at a crossroads. What do we do. Do we wait to see if the school shows up? So I bring her home and work really hard to catch her up? I have no good answer. I have found the public school system is not at all prepared for her visual problem. They said it could take 3-4 months before she is approved for special help. 
I'm just not sure, I'm really not sure.. 

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