Wednesday, October 16, 2013

We are a busy people.

Blogging every day is really hard. I just do not think to do it. We are a busy people aren't we?
Government shutdown
Grocery Shopping
Soccer Games
Numerous events
Our own needs
We are a very busy people.
However, I am in such a strange position this year. God has really just MADE me slow down.
Listen more, be quiet more, reflect more.
I had a conversation with my husband yesterday. I told him that it was really quiet in our lives right now and although we think something is wrong it isn't. We've just had so many scary things happen we don't know how to just be.
It the 
we have been looking for.
So take more time to make cookies, celebrate fall, go Christmas shopping (Yes Christmas shopping), and relish in the fact that this time next year you will wonder why you were so busy???

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