Monday, August 17, 2015

Reviving a blog.

How does one revive a blog? I am not sure but I am going to try. I wanted to close it. I actually did for about 2 years. But it seemed fitting to restart. 
Life hasn't gotten any easier. In fact it's harder. I just decided picking u and carrying it a lot easier than starting over. 
We are in our 14th year of home schooling. Our middle son graduated. He is taking a gap year to decide what he wants to do. Our oldest son works for us full time. 
Our marriage is about to head into it's 24th year. I turn 45 on Thursday. We are very busy. However, in the moments of busy are moments of quiet. Moments when watching a movie or swimming on the pool are enough. Moments when life is slow and I am grateful.
That sounds a like a good restart. 
So here we go. 
See you tomorrow.

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